4. Curious facts about photography

4. Curious facts about photography


  • People never smiled in old pictures


It took hours to expose the photo. The people in the photo were not smiling because for one photo they had to remain still for several hours. For photography, head supports were used. It was impossible to smile for such a long time.


  • The largest private collection of cameras consists of more than 4400 cameras


Dilish Parekh, a Mumbai-based photojournalist, has a collection of 4,425 different cameras.


  • The most popular photo in history


The most viewed photo is the default wallpaper for Windows, which used a photo called "Bliss" taken by Charles O'Rear in 1996. Interestingly, the photographer did not make as much money from this photo as one might think. Microsoft bought the image from a stock site for essentially pennies.


  • Did you know that the term Kodak is just made up?


Founder George Eastman preferred the letter K because he thought it was "strong and sharp". Using a set of anagrams, Eastman and his mother came up with the name Kodak. They used three principles in its development. The word should be short, easy to pronounce, and unlike any other name or association. Kodak, or more specifically the term Kodak Moment, later entered the general lexicon to describe situations that seemed ideal for photography.


  • The first flashes were explosive


In the early days, flash photography was very dangerous. To get a bright flash of light, photographers mixed potassium and aluminium chloride powders and then ignited them. These powders, if poorly mixed, led to violent explosions.


  • The cameras that filmed the surface of the moon remained on its surface


The Apollo 11 mission took 12 Hasselblad cameras with them to the Moon. They remain there to this day. The astronauts took only the film cassettes with them, leaving the cameras to make room for 25 kg of lunar soil samples.

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