Xavier Garcia


    Xavier Garcia

    Xavi García is a Spanish artist born in Spain in 1974. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His works have as common denominator the street and the relationship of people with their environment, combining different techniques in their art works and collages, endowing high technical content to their works.

    He shows current icons that contribute to our culture such as Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn or Pulp Fiction.



    How and why did you start with the art you do?

    The truth is that I have no memories in those who are not painting, from child I have had clear that I would be artist and my life was aimed at artistic training with the visit to different artists workshops to study their techniques and learn from them. In 2017 I started my university studies to strengthen my self-taught training.

    How do you get inspired? How do you decide on a certain motif?

    The direct observation of that which does not involve, the different artistic manifestations (concerts, theatre, music, dance, etc.) are direct source of inspiration and basis of my work. And they appear clearly in my works. Moreover, since I was a child, I have felt the need to express through colour what I feel and to be clear about my future as an artist. In my work I analyse and consider how the media, social networks and advertising affect our society, how they influence us, how they mould us as they please and how we present a virtual "I" in an absurd and paranoid way.


    Simply unique artist:

    Xavi García has gained international recognition; Walton Fine Arts in London has exhibited his unique style, giving as much importance to the message as to the painting itself. He has participated in important exhibitions around the world such as London, New York, Basel and Rome. His work is currently exhibited in galleries in Paris, Basel and Shanghai.

    In March 2022, Forbes magazine published an article in which he appears in a list of 8 Spanish artists who are going to be revalued during the year.



    From idea to realisation, how do you approach your work?

    My working method is not a priori programmed. Generally I don't know what I'm going to paint, improvisation and the stimuli of the moment take precedence over a previous sketch. The first step is usually the application of different papers and materials that bring different textures to the work. Then I start painting spontaneously on the surface.

    Which artist has most influenced your style?

    There are an infinite number of influences on my work, I could say that it is a "pupurri" of dozens of artists and movements. In my work you can deduce influences from Matisse, Picasso, Bacon, Basquiat, Plensa, Castejón, Barceló, Pollock, etc. ..... in short, they are my artistic grandparents and fathers. In my case, taking into account that at a technical level I am a classical artist, I am influenced by the new manifestations of modern art, which leads me to experiment with new materials, supports, etc.

    Is there an artist you would like to work with sometime?

    I would love to have Jaume Plensa and Miquel Barceló visit my studio. That would be enough for me, working with them seems like a dream that would be difficult to fulfil.

    What are your interests apart from art?

    I'm crazy about live concerts and I've been able to enjoy the best bands in the world. I also love big sporting events and sport in general. Travelling is necessary to compare realities, live experiences and rethink beliefs and models that are pre-established in our society.

    What is your favourite song?

    Difficult and unfair answer. But let's say "With or without you" or "Fix you". Possibly tomorrow I'll tell you two different ones.