Tom Wheaton


    Tom Wheaton

    Tom travelled extensively around the globe from the age of 16 when he left school including, Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia, a lot of Europe and he even lived in New Zealand for 2 years. Today he is based in the UK and keeps travelling. Latest shots from Costa Rica to be shared soon.



    How and why did you start with the photography you do?

    I just brough a drone one day ( I actually got given 4 by mistake. Result!) and started to take it on all my trips I went on and it's just grown into the passion it is of mine today, I can't go anywhere without taking my drone to get a bird's eye view of where I am.

    Upcoming travel spots

    Costa Rica dec 2022 / Scotland Jan 2023 / Europe van trip for 1 year end of 2023 plus many more 2023 trips not planned yet.

    How do you get inspired? How do you decide on a certain motive?

    I just see a place or something in the moment or something I may have seen on social media, and I get the urge to want to capture it myself, but from the sky of course.

    From the idea to the realization, how do you approach your work?

    Most of my work is not planned and very much spontanious and trial and error untill I get that perfect shot.

    Which artist had the most influence on your style?

    I try not to be influenced by any 1 artist, I just create my own style as I go and want to create something truly unique and awe inspiring.

    What are your interests apart from photography?

    Being in nature, Wildlife/Animals, Gym (keeping fit and healthy eating) Surfing/watersports, Hiking/Mountains, Trips in my custom self-built camper, travelling the world seeing new places and experiencing what every county and culture has to offer

    What's your favorite song?

    Coldplay Fix You


    What equipment have you used?

    Drone (all aerial images) – DJI MAVIC AIR 2 + MAVIC 3

    What does the picture do to you personally?

    My pictures give me a great sense of achievement when I look at them and I can see what I have visually captured which in turn to recollect these amazing times in my life.

    Where exactly and when did you shoot the different pictures?

    - M25 motorway London spaghetti junction, during covid lockdown 2021 at 6am sunrise so there are no vehicles on the road - Heart Harbour, Aiya Napa, Cyprus, 2021 October - Marina Piccola, Capri Island, Italy, 2022 October - Tulips are at Tulip Fields, Keukenhof Netherlands April 2021 - Triangle beach is – Taransay island, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland in July 2021


    Tell us about yourself Tom:

    I've travelled extensively around the globe from the age of 16 when I left school including, Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia, a lot of Europe and I even lived in New Zealand for 2 years.

    What was the inspiration? How did you find the setting? By chance?

    Inspiration wise I may see something online or on social media and want to create my own unique version of but mainly it's in the moment, I don’t like to plan to much, I love to explore of the beaten path, I find I get the best pictures when I don’t plan to much and I'm in a place and I just go with what I have at that moment.

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