Evgeniia Mamizerova


    Evgeniia Mamizerova

    I was born in Russia, where it is cold, in Siberia, in a small village where is the population is 8,000 people. When I was in school I loved to take photo shoots for my girlfriends and family with my first small camera.....Read More...


    Photography gives me freedom, creativity, travel, meeting new people.

    My clients become friends.
    All of these shots were taken at different moments in my life and in the moments of my changes and changes in my art.

    I am inspired by travel, people and their life stories and nature.
    When I arrived in a new country, I want to shoot every building, every flower.


    Black and White m and beach shots as well as general aestetics are my big interest. I love the nature of human bodies and its beauty combined with a decent minimalistic fashion tone. This I want to capture with my artwork.


    When I was 13 we moved to the city. Sometimes we took the family,s camera on our travels.
    I loved shooting nature and my family.

    At university, I started shooting events and people I knew. I didn't even think about making money from photography. But one day my friend paid me 5 dollars to take pictures.

    I was so happy that I got my first money

    And then something interesting happened. People started posting my shots on Instagram, tagging me, and telling their friends. That's how I created my first portfolio and found my first clients. In 2 years I was making stable money just from photography.

    At first, I was shooting with a family camera, but I so wanted my own.

    I always had a dream to travel and work as a photographer, to be free.

    My first work trip was Sri Lanka, I stayed there for 4 months. In June this year, I moved to Bali.

    When I started- 5 dollars to take pictures (per shooting). Now I earn money in 5 different currencies

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